Helping You Make the Right Choices at the Funeral Home

How to plan a funeral

How to Plan a Funeral For a Loved One or Yourself

A funeral is a farewell event celebrating the life of a person by family and friends. It is a time to pay respects and say goodbye. Grieving loved ones canĀ  come together to comfort each other allowing them to appreciate

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Funeral readings

Beautiful, Well Chosen Readings For Funerals

When planning a funeral, the importance of funeral readings should not be overlooked. The idea of speaking about your loved one so soon after their passing may seem difficult, but this is an important time that will help friends and

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How much does a funeral cost

How Much Does a Funeral Cost? Save With My Free Advice

How much does a funeral cost? The average funeral cost is $7,000 – $10,000 US dollars. There are many savings to be made at the funeral home however, even the savviest consumer finds it tough to comparison-shop when coping with

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